2 Hour Tour


*$70 per person on ATV*

The 2 hour tour will take you to Tulin River, a beautiful place surrounded by lots of vegetation. We stop on a tall bridge that is a perfect site for pictures. The river is vigorous during rainy season but it is very calm and low during dry season. Depending on the river height we can get into the river for some splashing fun.

Remember that our tours are fully recreational. It is all about having fun on an ATV and enjoying the beautiful back country that Costa Rica has to offer!

We generally depart from our Tour Station at Quebrada Amarilla, where you will receive your driving and safety instructions. From here you’ll be riding directly into the route mixed with dirt and paved roads towards the mountain country side. All the tours will be going through different sceneries that include cattle fields, farms, small creeks, rivers, bridges, forest with diverse vegetation, small rural towns and other beautiful attractions that reflect the real traditional Costa Rican living.

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Price per person

1 Hour Tour- $50

2 Hour Tour - $70

3 Hour Tour - $90

4 Hour Tour - $120

5 Hour Tour - $160

**Additional $25 for passanger in the back

Honda SxS

Price per vehicle

1 Hour Tour- $130

2 Hour Tour- $160

3 Hour Tour- $190

4 Hour Tour- $250

5 Hour Tour- $300

*Maximum 4 people per vehicle

Kawasaki SxS

Price per vehicle

1 Hour Tour- $170

2 Hour Tour- $200

3 Hour Tour- $230

4 Hour Tour- $280

5 Hour Tour- $330

*Maximum 5-6 people per vehicle

Honda CRF 230

Price person 

1 Hour Tour- $50

2 Hour Tour- $70

3 Hour Tour- $90

4 Hour Tour- $120

Hour Tour- $160